Code of Conduct and Support

  • The Wheatland-Chili Central School District is committed to providing students with an educational environment that is equitable, safe, civil, caring and supportive. The District has created a Code of Conduct and Support to serve as a guide to fostering a successful educational experience for every student.   


    The Code of Conduct and Support was developed in partnership with key stakeholders, including parents, teachers, district and school administrators, union representatives, external service providers and community leaders, and initially adopted by the Wheatland-Chili Board of Education on April 23, 2018. Since then, the code has evolved to better meet the needs of our students, staff, families and community. The Board of Education approved the most recent version on Aug. 21, 2023.


    The District's efforts to remove barriers to allow for equal access to rigorous experiences for every student and to support a culturally responsive and restorative learning environment serve as the foundation for the social-emotional learning and restorative practices embedded in the Code of Conduct and Support.



  • 2023-24 Code of Conduct and Support