Whole Group Math

  • Whole Group Math

    We use the Ready Math Curriculum. 

    Unit 1 - Numbers Within 20: Addition, Subtraction and Data

    Unit 2 - Numbers Within 100: Addition, Subtraction, Time and Money

    Unit 3 - Numbers Within 1,000: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 4 - Length: Measurement, Addition and Subtraction, and Line Plots

    Unit 5 - Shapes and Arrays: Partitioning and Tiling Shapes, Even and Odd


Small Groups Math

  • Guided Math

    Everyday during math we will do stations. There are 4 stations the students may be working at.


    M - Meet With the Teacher

    This group will be working with the teacher. This group may be working on a skill that they are struggling with from a previous lesson or we may be doing an extension activity from a recent lesson.

    A - At your Desk

    Students are working independently on an activity related to the math skills we are working on. This may include working on a math website on the iPads or computers, it could be also be an independent practice from the days lesson.

    T - Technology

    Students will be working with one of our technology math activities

    H - Hands On

    At this center students are either playing a math game or are working on a hands on activity.

  • Math Technology Solutions