• Whole Group Instruction

    We are using the Scholastic Literacy Program this year. The program consists of 6 units.

    Unit 1- It Happened At School

    Unit 2- Wishes and Promises

    Unit 3- Search and Survive

    Unit 4- Like No One Else

    Unit 5- Animal Watch

    Unit 6- Realistic Fiction


    Each day we will read at least one book or story focusing on a skill as we read. There is also time for writing where students will explore a specific genre and create a published work at the end of each unit. There is also a phonics focus each week.


    Small Group Instruction

    Students will be placed in small groups based the skills they need to work on. And we will then use Daily 5 Rotations.

    Daily 5 Rotations

    Read to Self-Read a book of their choice

    Read to Someone-Read a book with a partner, taking turns as they read and helping eachother with unknown words.

    Work on Writing-Handwriting or and writing work of their own choice.

    Listen to Reading-Using an online tool students will listen to a book while they follow along.

    Word Work-Exploring and finding creative ways to look at words.

    Meet with Teacher-Students will meet with the teacher to read and work skills to build their reading ability.


  • ELA Technology Solutions

    F.I.R.S.T (Ooka Island)