Dual Credit

  • The Dual Credit Program is a cooperative educational endeavor presently between Wheatland-Chili High School, Monroe Community College (MCC), Genesee Community College (GCC), and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). There are numerous courses offered between these colleges and the art, business, language, social studies, and technology departments at the high school. The Dual Credit option grants college credit that will appear on a college transcript. The teachers advise the students of this opportunity and provide applications. The college credit earned can be transferred to other colleges that accept transfer credit. Students need to discuss this option with their teacher, NOT the Counseling Office. The New Visions Program (see page 34 for a description) and five of the WEMOCO programs (see page 35) also offers dual credit courses to students. This offers students the opportunity to concurrently earn college and high school credit. In order to receive the college credit students are required to pay a reduced course fee. Attached below is a listing of courses offered for dual credit:  


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