• Absences

    Each time your child is absent please call the school nurse (Julie Siede) prior to the start of school at 889-6238. In addition to the phone call, please send in a note stating the reason for the absence or tardiness when your child returns to school.



    This year 2nd grade homework will only consist of work that your child did not finish during the school day. There will be no formal nightly homework this year.

    Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. Instead we ask you to spend evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner together as a family, read, play math games that reinforce students’ knowledge of facts, play outside, and most importantly get your child to bed early.

    Throughout the year we may send home an assignment such as gathering supplies for one of our science unit, but we will make sure we communicate this through ClassDojo and agendas.


    Scholastic Book Orders

    We will be sending home book orders. Please send in any orders the following week with a check made out to Scholastic (we will not accept cash). We will also have the orders available to you online, and that information with come to you with the first book order. 



    Students can have a working snack. We ask for your support in helping us to encourage healthy snacks. Students brainstormed healthy snacks that they could bring into school. Some of their ideas were: 

       Pretzels, Fruit, Vegetables, Crackers, Nuts, Granola bars, YogurtCheese

    *Students may also have water bottles at their desks, with water only.


    Transportation Changes

    If there is a change in your child’s transportation going home please send in a note. If there is a change in transportation after the school day has started please be sure to contact the front office and they will forward the message to us.



    Each week students will have 10 words that go along with our ELA program


    Classroom Rules

    Our classroom rules will be that of the WILDCAT WAYS:

    Student behaviors (positive and negative) will be tracked through ClassDojo. Most if not all our communication will be done through the classdojo app, so please make sure that you are signed up.



    You may bring in store-bought treats to share with all the kids in the class if you and your child wish to celebrate it here at school. A note or email in advance would be helpful so we may plan time for his/her birthday treat. We have 23 kids . (We will be celebrating birthdays during the last block of the day in our homerooms.) 

    *Any private birthday invitations are not to be handed out at school unless all the kids from this class are invited.



    We hope to do the majority of communicating through Classdojo. Please let us know if you are unable to connect or if you have reached out to us and have not heard back. We need to know if there are any glitches. We will use ClassDojo for communication as well as a way for students to share things that they are working on that we want to share with parents.