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What are Career Clusters?

  • Career Clusters Color Chart A Career Cluster is a broad group of related career majors within an occupational interest area. They represent groupings of occupations and industries based on shared traits. The U.S. Department of Education has created 6 occupational interest areas:

    • Business Management & Technology
    • Agriculture & Natural Resources
    • Human Services
    • Arts & Communication
    • Health Services
    • Industrial & Engineering Technology


    Within each of these colored areas, they have further divided all possible careers into 16 career clusters. To see the Chart larger, CLICK HERE!


  • Want to find out which of the 16 Career Clusters best match your interests?


    Naviance is the key to finding career choices best suited for you! 


    1. After logging into Naviance, go to the SELF-DISCOVERY section and take the Career Cluster Finder Assessment or the Career Interest Profiler Assessment to find out what careers and pathways best match your interests.


    2. Then go to the CAREERS section to use their Explore Careers or Explore Clusters & Pathways features to find out more!

    Check out this VIDEO for lots of information about how to search for Careers in Naviance.

    You can also use this Career Planning Quick Guide as a reference


    Career Search Video




    Did you know you can take classes at the Monroe 2 BOCES Career and Technical Center during your Junior and Senior Years?

    All of their classes fall into a variety of the Career Clusters and can give you the necessary certifications needed to start your career path fast after graduation.  To check out what classes are offered in each career cluster, go to https://www.monroe2boces.org/MSCareerExploration.aspx. Look for the Career Cluster pictures halfway down the page.




    You can also click on any of the Career Cluster sways below to find out more. 


  • Career Corner Spotlight for January  


    Each month the Counseling Center would like to highlight one or two of the 16 different Career Pathways. For the month of January, we would like to shine a light on the following careers: 


    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security The careers in this cluster deal with the creation, enforcement, and application of laws and regulations. Our legal system includes statutes (laws) enacted by legislatures (Congress) and decisions handed down by the courts (judicial system). The law provides us with guidelines and rules to live by in our personal, social, and business activities. When someone does not follow the laws or a law is unclear, our legal system includes ways to settle disputes and resolve conflicts. Also included in this cluster are public safety and security careers, such as police, traffic enforcement officers, correction officers, firemen and emergency medical technicians. This month we recognize: 

    • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (January 9th) 


    Click on the link above to learn all about these career pathways. 


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