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    Submitting Course Assignments 

    Assignments are graded items. Each assignment may require you to make a submission. Once you've made a submission, the instructor can grade the assignment, provide feedback, and upload a file back to you. 

    To submit a file to an assignment, follow these steps: 

    1.  In the Assignment click Submit Assignment

         Use the Add a Comment area for questions and concerns (optional).   

    2.  Select one of these options: 

         Upload: Select a file from your computer.  

         Create: Create a document on the web using the text editor. 

         (See Account Settings for more details). 

    3.  Click Submit to finish. 

    This link has more information on how to access and submit materials.  

    Note: Assignments may also be given a Due Date, which will automatically display the assignment in your personal Calendar and Upcoming area on your homepage. Assignments might not be graded, depending on the settings set by the instructor of the course. 

    Submitting assignments file



    File: Another option for completing assignments You can also use the "Create" tab to complete assignments in Schoology.