• Math

    Our math curriculum is Ready Mathematics. You can learn more about the program and its components at the link below.


    Unit 1- Three-Digit Numbers: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction

    Unit 2- Multiplication and Division: Concepts, Relationships, and Patterns

    Unit 3- Multiplication: Finding Area, Solving Word Problems, and Using Scaled Graphs

    Unit 4- Fractions: Equivalence and Comparison, Measurement, and Data

    Unit 5- Measurement: Time, Liquid Volume, and Mass

    Unit 6- Shapes: Attributes and Categories, Perimeter and Area, and Partitioning

  • ELA

    Our curriculum for ELA is Magnetic Reading from i-Ready Learning. 

    Unit 1: Solving Problems

    Unit 2: Ocean Survival

    Unit 3: Making a Difference

    Unit 4: Changes in the West

    Unit 5: Wild Weather

    Unit 6: Artful Ideas


  • Writing

    Unit 1: Folktales

    Unit 2: Book Review

    Unit 3: Extreme Weather Research

    Unit 4:Country Research

    Unit 5: Narrative Writing

    Unit 6: Poetry