Meeting Notes

  • Agenda

    Class of 2014    Meeting 3/29/2012



    -       Attendance – sign in please



    -       Thank you sent

    o   McDonald’s – orange bowl drink and cups-


    -       Recap Candy Sale Fundraiser

    o   What worked

    o   What didn’t work

    o   How to improve next one

    o   Number of students participating

    o   Rewards for top sellers

    o   Expenses/profit


    o   Website

    o   Update - Dylan

    o   Submit ideas


    o   Bulletin Board Maintenance – Matthew, Samantha, Taylor

    -       Large Easter Egg

    -       Post April birthdays


    o   Maura’s NHS request for consideration:

    o   NHS Heifer project

    o   Sophomore recap


    -       PROM

    o   Dates to consider –           

    o    May 17 or 18 and May 31 or June 1

    o   Prom poll results - Dylan

    o   Researching locations

    §  Wishing Well- Chili Ave

    §  Golden Ponds

    §  Plantation Party House

    §  Mill Creek

    §  Chili Country Club


    o   Next Meeting – April 19th  -

    o   Get Recap from Sophomores attending Europe trip- possibly arrange an assembly