Internet Filter Block Override Request - HS/MS

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  Request to Access Blocked Web Sites at the HS/MS
In order to provide students with a safe online environment in the school, sites are blocked by district and school policies that align with CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act). Occasionally, some sites with valid educational applications are blocked inadvertently. The purpose of this form is to provide teachers with a procedure for requesting that such sites be unblocked for classroom use.
When requesting that a site be unblocked, the following criteria must be met:
• Teacher must have a valid educational use for the site that they are requesting be unblocked
• Teacher must preview the site and examine the most prominent links on the site to ensure that they are appropriate for students
Once the teacher completes the form, the teacher will press the "submit form" button. The form will be sent automatically to the principal and to the curriculum director for approval. Upon approval, the request will be forwarded to the district network engineer to be unblocked within 24 hours.
Please plan ahead and allow a minimum of three days to have sites unblocked for instructional use.

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