Global II: 10th Grade Social Studies

  • Global History & Geography II

    Course Description:

    Global History and Geography is a two part course taught in the 9th and 10th grades. Global History and Geography II begins with the French Revolution and continues through history up to the present day. This year we will cover more than 200 years of Global History! 


    Major Topics of Study:

                I. Age of Revolutions

                            *French Revolution

                            *Latin American Revolutions

                            *Industrial Revolution

                II. “-ism”s and The World at War



                            *World War I


                            *World War II

                III. The World since 1945

                            *Cold War and Spread of Communism

                            *Independence movements in India, Africa, and S.E. Asia

                            *China and the Communist Revolution

                            *The Middle East

                            *Collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union

                            *Ethnic and religious tensions

                IV. Economic Trends and Development

                            *The Developing World

                            *The United Nations

                V. Regents Review


    Classroom Procedures

    When you enter the class each day...

    -       Open your laptop and log into Schoology

    -       Be at your seat prepared at the beginning of class



    Everyone is requested to have a 3-ring binder. Any 1”+ binder will do. You need to bring your binder to class EVERY day. You will be using this to take notes. It is your responsibility to keep it organized. I will provide an envelope to use when your binder gets full in which to keep materials in your binder to make review for the Regents easier. I am also available to help with organization if necessary. 

    The title pages of each unit include an overview of what we are learning, how it relates to other topics, and strategies for preparing for exams. 


    Attendance Policy

    Nothing can replace the learning experiences of each class day. But sometimes, you have to miss class.

                 1: If you are absent, get the assignment/class activity you missed Schoology. Get the notes from me or a friend – Remember Schoology makes this very easy as I can print the notes for you! Return any missed assignments within two (2) days. Please come to me with any questions or concerns. Extended absences will be accommodated. Remember, this is YOUR responsibility

                 2: Punctuality is essential in college and career readiness. Detentions will be assigned for excessive tardiness.

                 3: Refer to the school’s attendance policy for any other questions. 


    Grades and Homework 

    Assignments: You will earn at least 5 points each day. Some class activities are worth 10 points. Assignments are used to prepare for new content or review old content. If you need support with the content, please see me. Use the Schoology Calendar to stay on top of assignments and activities.



    Quizzes: There will be a 10 question quiz nearly every Friday. If you are absent, you are expected to make up the quiz within five days. It is your responsibility to see me to arrange a time. Your name will be listed in the classroom. 

    Quiz Corrections will be offered for most quizzes. If you want to improve your quiz grade, bring in your answer sheet within the specified days and write out each question you missed in a complete sentence with the correct answer. For each statement written correctly, you will receive 1/2 a point. This can substantially improve your grade and helps you review for the unit tests!  


    Tests: There will be one major test for each unit. It will be modeled after the Regents with multiple-choice questions, constructed response short-answer, and documents to analyze for an enduring issue. If you are absent, you are expected to make up the test within 5 school days. It is your responsibility to see me to arrange a time. Again, your name will be listed in the front of the classroom.          


    Food Rules:  Your brain and body must be hydrated and nourished to learn.   🥤🍽 Make healthy choices and put wrappers in the garbage.   Failure to comply by any student will revoke this privilege for ALL students.