Capital Project Construction Phase

  • Our $5.91 million capital project approved by the voters in 2013 is taking shape as we received approval from the State Education Department to begin the work.  The major renovation of our Project Lead The Way engineering and technology classrooms began in the fall of 2014, to be followed by the renovation of the pool locker rooms and mechanical work in the pool area in the spring of 2015.  You will also notice sitework that is happening at the Middle/High School including repaving of the asphalt.  To help all of our community members safely walk to the tennis courts and baseball field, walkways are being constructed. Walkways were also required to be constructed from all of our exits to paved areas for the safe exit from our buildings.


    Work on our capital project will continue during the summer of 2015, when the boys and girls locker rooms will be renovated, lights and bleachers will be installed at the track/soccer stadium, and floors will be updated at T. J. Connor Elementary.


    We thank you for your support of the capital project and look forward to seeing the results of this work over the upcoming year.


    You can keep updated on our capital project progress through updates that will be posted to this page.