New Student Registration


    Note: The registration process has changed due to COVID-19. New student registration is completed by appointment only. Please complete the registration paperwork as outlined below, place it in an envelope and bring it to the secure registration drop box located below the Central Office Entrance door buzzer or the drop box just inside the door in the elevator alcove at the Central Office Entrance at 13 Beckwith Avenue, Scottsville, New York 14546.  You may also mail it to the same address. Please note:  access to the elevator alcove drop box is available Monday-Friday from 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  The registrar will collect the documents and contact you with any additional needs. If you have questions or need a packet to be mailed, please leave a message for the District Registrar at 585-889-6268, and she will get back to you as quickly as possible.


    Registration Packets Include the following:

    • Registration Form
    • Authorization for Release of Information
    • Student Residency Questionnaire
    • Schooltool Parent Portal Registration Form
    • Custody Disclosure Form (if applicable)


    Student Registration

    Pursuant to Education Law §3202(1), a person over five and under twenty-one years of age who has not received a high school diploma is entitled to attend the public schools maintained in the district in which such person resides without the payment of tuition. Moreover, pursuant to Education Law §3205, school districts must ensure that all students within the compulsory school age attend upon full-time instruction.


    The Registrar's Office is responsible for registering all students in the Wheatland-Chili Central School District. The office is located at the T. J. Connor Elementary School, 13 Beckwith Avenue, Scottsville.  Parking is available in the front of the school. Follow the signs to Central Office (sidewalk along east side of the building, elevator to third floor, room 303).



    All students must be enrolled by the Registrar's Office prior to attending school in the District. For Kindergarten enrollment, students must turn five (5) on or before December 1 to be eligible to enroll in school for September.


    Parents may enroll their children by making an appointment with the Registrar's Office at (585) 889-6268.  Please see the files below for the necessary registration forms.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at (585) 889-6268.