Elementary Bookstore - Advisors: Ms. Willard and Ms. Marotta

  • The TJ Connor Bookstore is a service to our student body, a non-profit organization, enabling them to purchase needed supplies. Teachers also use the bookstore to purchase items for their students, or even give them coupons to purchase items of their choice.

    The bookstore is staffed by TJ Connor’s fifth graders. The students work together in pairs each morning, selling merchandise (see price list on left navigation) to the student body. Each week the schedule rotates so that all students have a turn to work several times throughout the year.

    The bookstore is Monday - Friday  mornings from 8:30-8:45 a.m.

    Students come to make purchases and the workers add the prices and make change for the customers.

    The bookstore is a good way for our students to see the value of what they can purchase for their money. The workers help them to prioritize their purchases according to the funds available. It’s also a good way for the workers to practice their math skills and their social skills, as they greet and help their customers each morning.