Welcome to the Student Support Center

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    The Student Support Center (SSC) is a proactive resource available to students who may need additional support for social/emotional and mental health.  The support center also offers crisis intervention, and advocacy for students.  


    Academically the SSC can support and assist in the enhancement of attitudes and skills that contribute to effective learning in the school environment.


    The SSC fosters an understanding of respect for self and others.  Students can receive support to learn and enhance the skills and attitudes for effective communication and working with others, as well as, learn to effectively manage psychosocial stressors to maintain acceptable school behavior.


    The SSC is staffed by a school social worker and a support center aide.


    School Social Worker:

                Amanda Eggleton





    Student Behavioral Assistant:

               Rodney Roberts 


    If you have a concern regarding your child, you can make a referral to the Student Support Center by completing this form.