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  • The 3 E'sWhat is your Career Pathway? There are multiple options for students after high school...


    We encourage students to find their "E" 








    Students can use these resources below to find their "E"




    Looking for Full-time Employment? Use this Employment Checklist


    Resume Writing - How To...

    • Document High School activities - Get a notebook or use this form
    • Clubs and sports are important
    • Community activities 

    Use this step by step guide to create your resume





    Check out the Career and College Handbook


    Career Exploration - Identify career clusters or pathways of interest after High School and find out what steps are necessary to get there. This site will give you a variety of resources to explore your strengths and skills and identify possible career paths for you. Here are 3 to get you started: 

    • SchooLinks Career and College Portfolio
    • Career Corner - Identifying Career Clusters
    • Lots of other Career Exploration resources






    Interested in the Military? Here's a pdf with Infomation about Military Academies, ROTC and Enlistment to get you started.



    Want more info about the Military? Check out these websites and Contact people for more information!