• Water Testing Update


    As an update, water testing occurred in the District with first draw samples taken at the Middle/High School and T. J. Connor Elementary in the spring. A total of 48 samples were taken and tested by Envoy Environmental Consultants.  ALS Environmental was utilized for this analysis.  The vast majority of samples were under the Environmental Protection Agency recommended limit for lead of 15 parts per billion (ppb). We did have one sample come in slightly above that amount with a reading of 28.3 ppb at T. J. Connor. This reading was from a bubbler in the hallway at the intersection near the band room and art room. As a precaution, the water fountain where this reading was found was immediately taken offline. After consultation with the Monroe County Department of Health and following EPA guidelines on the appropriate next steps, we have decided to remove this bubbler.



    We were guided through this process by the Genesee Valley BOCES Health, Safety, and Risk Management Group. We will follow recently updated guidelines from the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of New York State related to water testing.