• The Wheatland-Chili Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in June 2004 and created to honor and acknowledge former individuals who made significant contributions to athletics of Wheatland-Chili, or who have left Wheatland-Chili and went on to make lasting contributions in the world of athletics.


    Eligibility Criteria

    1. Was a student at Wheatland-Chili and participated in interscholastic athletics for a minimum of two years.
    2. Coached a Wheatland-Chili team or teams for a minimum of 5 years.
    3. Made significant contributions to the students of Wheatland-Chili through interscholastic athletics
    4. Attended Wheatland-Chili and may not have necessarily participated in the sports program but has made significant contributions in the world of sports.

    A five-year waiting period is required for induction from the time of graduation from Wheatland-Chili High School.

    Nominations can be forwarded to Athletic Director, Todd Grimes, at (585) 889-6224, or by e-mail at Todd_Grimes@wheatland.k12.ny.us.  Please see related file at the bottom of this page for the nomination form.


    Current Hall of Fame Members:

    2016 - Eric Skivington

    2015 - Jennifer McKay

    2014 - Thomas Dooling

    2013- 1993 Boys Varsity Soccer Team Class D State Finalist

    2011- 1991 Girls Varsity Soccer Team Class D State Champions

    2010- Abby Jones, 1985 Boys Varsity Basketball Class B Sectional Champions

    2009- John "Jack" Leonard

    2008- Paul Harding; Dr. Gerald Miller

    2007- Romeyn “Rusty" Dunn

    2006- Cindy Murphy Bobo; Jon Barker

    2005- Jill Hallock - Karen McGaffick Feustel

    2004- Dr. Jeff Carlberg; Gary Leonard; Kyle Bower; Martin Johnson; Michelle Potter; Garret Asbury; Kelly Bowman; Leah Cornwell; Donald Cummings