• Social and Emotional Learning


    What is social and emotional learning?


    Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the way that children:


    • manage their emotions
    • set goals
    • feel and show empathy for others
    • create positive friendships
    • make good choices



    Why is this important for schools?


    There is a growing recognition that: 1) social and emotional health is important for life success; and 2) incorporating social and emotional learning into K-12 education is an important strategy for promoting the development of social and emotional competencies. The movement to implement SEL and related frameworks in K-12 education has been around for at least two decades, but several contributing factors have brought SEL to the forefront in recent years.


    First, we know that social and emotional competencies contribute to improved academic and personal outcomes.  Children with early pro-social skills are more likely to graduate from high school on time, complete a college degree, and get and keep full-time employment.  It is also clear that social and emotional competencies and 21st century skills are important to career attainment and success.  Finally, there is a growing concern about the needs of students, particularly those who are experiencing trauma or adverse childhood experiences and who need additional support to be successful.


    What is happening in the District to develop social and emotional learning?


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