• New York State Education Department "2018-2019 ESSA-Funded Programs"


    The District receives funding through the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in the areas of Title I (intervention support), Title IIA (professional development support), Title III (students who speak languages other than English), and new Title IV (well-rounded educational opportunities and safe and healthy students) grant funds.  All materials related to this grant application process are included below for your information and review.


    The District's ESSA grant funds are used as follows:


    Title I (Intervention Support):


    • Salaries:  Literacy and math intervention = $150,202
    • Purchased Services:  Required funding for Crestwood and Reserves for Title I eligible students attending private schools = $16,182
    • Supplies and Materials:  Parent Universities and reserves for children with McKinney-Vento status = $3,500


    TOTAL = $169,884 (compared to $189,685 in 2017-2018)



    Title IIA (Professional Development):


    • Salaries:  Teacher Center Director (allocation) and in-service costs for teachers = $11,477
    • BOCES:  Math coaching and allocation to Crestwood Children’s Center = $12,734
    • Supplies: Materials for Restorative Practices training = $1,250


    TOTAL = $25,461 (compared to $27,742 in 2017-2018)



    Title III (Support for English Language Learners):


    • Purchased Services:  Summer program as part of consortium = $1,460


    TOTAL = $1,460 (compared to $1,860 in 2017-2018)



    Title IV (Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities and Safe and Healthy Students):


    • Purchased Services: Allocation for Crestwood Children’s Center; University of Rochester Medical Center consultation sessions with school teams and families; and support from Partners in Restorative Practices = $12,601


    TOTAL = $12,601 (new funding for 2018-2019)