Release of Information - Opting Out

  • Parents/guardians and students over age 18 are able to request that certain student information not be shared for non-commercial and non-fundraising purposes and with military recruiters.


    Directory Information

    Wheatland-Chili’s Student Directory Information Policy (#7242) includes a designation of the following directory information regarding students currently attending one of the District’s schools.  This is information that may be released for non-commercial and non-fundraising purposes without parent consent:


    Name; address; telephone listing; date and place of birth; major field of study; grade level; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height (if members of athletic teams); dates of attendance; honors, degrees and awards received; electronic mail address; photograph; and the name of the educational agency or institution most recently previously attended by the student.


    Parents, guardians, and eligible students have the right to have their child’s (or their own if 18 or over) name and the information indicated above removed from the directory information list.  If you remove your child’s or your name from the directory information list, the above information will not be shared.


    Please click on the following link to indicate your intent to not have directory information shared for non-commercial and non-fundraising purposes.


    Release of Student Directory Information - Opt Out Form


    Information to Military Recruiters


    Under the No Child Left Behind Act (“NCLB”), the District through the Military Recruiters’ Access to Secondary School Students and Information on Students Policy (#7243) is required to disclose the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of high school students to military recruiters, subject to the right of parents and students over age 18 (“eligible students”) to “opt out” and preclude such disclosure.


    Please click on the following link to indicate you intent to not have information shared with military recruiters.


    No Child Left Behind - Military Opt Out Form