• Learning is not a spectator sport. 


    BreakoutEDU is an innovative way to bring technology and critical thinking into the classroom through gaming. Breakout games place the player directly into the game.

    Students are given a scenario in which a problem is presented and they must retrive what is in the box to fix the problem. But first, they mustr get through four padlocks to do so, and they’ve only got 45 minutes. Multiple locked boxes and clues are scattered through the room—deciphering these leads to hidden keys and combination passwords. There’s a black-light flashlight that reveals hidden messages, and a QR code that directs players to a video containing a four-digit code.

    The benefits are twofold: Games have a history of promoting engagement in a learning environment, and the collaborative elements help students develop social skills.


    There are also many online games to be played as well.  Try one by clicking below!


    The Mysterious Attic Key