WCCS Parent Teacher Association


    Join us for Movie Night 

    Who: Students in grades K-5

    (Kindergarteners and younger siblings must be accompanied by an adult)


    Where: TJC Cafetorium

    Cost: $5 per child at the door (cash only, $4 PTA members)

    Includes snack and drink during intermission.

    What to bring: Pillow or blanket to sit on

    Chaperone Volunteers Needed: Help with enforcing the WildCat Ways during the movie and your kids can attend free, see form below.



    Movie Night Chaperone Responsibilities

    A minimum of 8 adult volunteers are needed for movie night.

    The children of each volunteer will have free admission to the movie that night.

    Chaperone Locations:

    Registration Table (2) - at main entrance by 5:30 to set up the registration table.  Have sign-in sheets ready, collect money, make sure kids do not leave the building. Make sure that parents fill in all of the information on the sign-in sheet.

    Cafetorium Main Door (2) - at the main entrance of the cafetorium. Monitor kids and allow 2 kids, of the same gender, to go to the bathroom at a time.

     Left Back Cafetorium Stairway (1) – at the bottom of the stairway on the left side of the cafetorium. Monitor the room and any child(ren) that have had a 2nd warning and are sitting near the stairs.

    Right Back Cafetorium Stairway (1) – at the bottom of the stairway on the right side of the cafetorium. Monitor the room and any child(ren) that have had a 2nd warning and are sitting near the stairs.

    Back of Cafetorium (1) – from the back of the cafetorium, monitor the room.

    Front of Cafetorium/ Stage Area (1) – at the front of the cafetorium.  Monitor the room and make sure no students get on the stage, go back-stage, or go up the stairs on either side of the stage.

    Back-up Chaperones (2) -  extra chaperone to help if a volunteer is unable to attend.


    • In case of an emergency call 911.
    • In the case of a fire or a fire alarm, the fire route is the door behind the stage. Escort the children to the front of the TJ Connor building and wait together at a safe distance away from the building.
    • Give a warning to a child or children if someone is not following the wildcat ways. Report the event to the Movie Night Coordinator.

    1st warning example: “At movie night, we do not run, we walk. This is a warning. The next time an adult needs to talk to you about your behavior, you will need to sit away from your friends.”

    • If a child needs a second warning, escort them over to a chair near the steps to the resource room and stay with the child for the rest of the movie. Report the event to the Movie Night Coordinator.

    2nd warning example: “It is not appropriate for you to jump on your friend at movie night. You have already received a warning, please come with me. You will be sitting in this chair for the remainder of the movie. If an adult needs to talk to you again about your behavior, we will call your parent and have them come and take you home.”

    • If a child needs a 3rd warning, report the event to the Movie Night Coordinator and they will call the child's parents.
    • After the movie has ended, either the parent that dropped off the child or the assigned adult by the parent may pick-up the child. The adult must sign their name on the sign in sheet before their kids can leave the cafeteria.




     Movie Night Rules

    • Be Respectful- Listen and follow directions. Be polite and use good manners. Use appropriate language.
    • Be Responsible- Recycle your water bottle. Clean up your area when you are finished eating your snack. Only 2 kids, of the same gender, can use the bathroom at one time.
    • Be Ready- Sit quietly and watch the movie. No tablets or devices at movie night. Keep cell phones off during the movie.
    • Be a Problem Solver- Report unsafe conditions, messes and problems to an adult.
    • Be Safe- Respect others personal space. Walk quietly and calmly - NO RUNNING OR SLIDING during movie night. Stay off the stage and the steps to resource room. Stay in the cafetorium. Students may only leave the building with their parent or designated pick-up adult after they have been signed out.

     If a child is not following the Wildcat Ways:

    1st time observed- You will receive an initial warning.

    2nd time observed- You will have to sit at the back of the room with a chaperone.   

    3rd time observed- Your parent is called and you must go home early. Your parent must accompany you at next PTA movie night.

    NOTE:  For kindergarteners and younger siblings, a parent is required to stay for the duration of the movie.


    PTA Congratulates the WC Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team on their State Championship - 2017


    Congratulations to the Girls Varsity Soccer team, who became the New York State Class D Champions on Sunday, November 13, with a 2-0 win over Poland Central at SUNY Cortland.  


    What an amazing accomplishment for the members of this soccer team.  The hard work, the balancing of school and sports, and the commitment to teammates, coaches, and parents to give their very best every day – it paid off! Congratulations girls, you did it and your community is so proud of you!


    Thank you and congratulations to Coach Ward and Coach Quinn for leading the girls to victory, to Coach Keydel and Coach Nicosia for your support of our junior varsity and modified soccer teams, and to our parents for the guidance that you provide to our student athletes each day.


    To commemorate this exciting, historical moment, the PTA has designed championship T-shirts for everyone on the team.  These shirts were presented to this incredible group of athletes and coaches on Friday, December 6th at a celebratory breakfast.


    To further our support, the PTA is making available championship T-shirts and hoodies to the Wheatland Chili community for a limited time only.


    Available sizes are Youth Medium through Adult XXXL. tshirt to celebrate girls varsity soccer championship      Long Sleeve Tshirt to celebrate girls varsity soccer championship Sweatshirt celebrating girls varsity soccer championship


    Orders will be taken through January 12th, 2017 and delivered on January 25th.  Please visit the following website to view the shirt and place your orders:




    Fourth Graders gave handmade cards for the Girls Soccer Players

    Fourth grade students made beautiful cards for the players and they were the highlight of the event.



    Wheatland Chili PTA Mission Statement

    We, the Wheatland-Chili Parent Teacher Association, strive to inspire positive change in our community. To accomplish this, we believe that it is vitally important for our children to see us, parents and role models, actively involved in their lives by supporting and volunteering in planned activities. In addition, we are committed to supporting the parents, teachers and role models in their efforts to provide creative, learning environments that encourage academic and social growth.


    PTA Current Events

    The PTA meets on the second Thursday of each month at the T.J. Connor library. We love to see new faces and look forward to hearing your great ideas.


     To learn more about upcoming activities, please see the Committees & Activities page (see left navigation). Please let us know if you are interested in joining a committee or contacting a committee chairperson. To become a member, you may download a membership form and mail it to PTA (see bottom of this page to download the form). And finally, we have collected some useful information for parents and students and posted it on the Parent Resources page (see left navigation).


    Contact Information


    President - Lisa Hitchings

    Vice President - Amy Harper

    Treasurer - Katie O'Donnell

    Secretary - Melissa Nelson



    All meetings are at 6:30pm in the T.J. Connor library on the following dates for the 2017- 2018 school year:




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