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Students and Staff Cheer on Special Olympic Athletes at State Games

Karen Lee Wilson organized students and staff to be fans at the Special Olympics. The group attended the Friday night opening ceremonies at the Riverside Convention Center.

“Our job was to make posters, cheer, and support the teams. They were amazing athletes,” said Wilson.

The Wheatland-Chili fans all wore Wheatland Chili gear to show support as they clapped and cheered with joy and pride. “We are hoping to make this an annual event.”

More than 1,000 athletes participated including three former Wheatland-Chili students: Zach Sands, Brandon Clark, and Kyle Simonds.

Saturday morning the Wheatland-Chili volunteers were part of #BeAFan again as Fans in the Stands. They attended the Figure Skating Competition held at the Genesee Valley Ice Rink. “It was very moving to watch the skaters with their true grit,” she said.

Together with Wilson, Laurie Hogan and Lois Hagadorn attended both days. Junior Brittney Pfenninger was a fan both days, Sophomore Morgan Parker attended Friday, and Junior Ryley St. Rose-Finear cheered on the athletes on Saturday.