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Hands-on Math Activity

In preparation for the NYS Mathematics Exam, students in Kaylee Mitchell’s sixth-grade math class participated in a lockbox activity in order to practice some sample state test questions. Students were given an envelope of clues in the form of test questions. The answers to each question are associated with a lock. If students have the correct answer, the lock is unlocked. Students competed in groups, and once all groups had completed the contents of their lockbox, they were assembled to find a hidden message about the state test.

Students immediately asked for more opportunities to do this type of review activity. Kaylee Mitchell worked with librarian Jennifer Vogt to create this
highly-engaging activity with the Breakout EDU kits. The kits are housed in the library and checked out by teachers in all disciplines. They are used to
introduce topics, for topic review before a test, or just for fun to develop team building and problem solving skills. The MS/HS library has eight boxes for loan. They are a great new hands-on learning strategy that teachers are utilizing to get kids excited about their learning.