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Wild about Reading at T. J. Connor

During the month of May, all of T. J. Connor is Wild about Reading as the entire school celebrates reading. The month-long celebration began with A Readers’ Theater, a presentation of the Cheetah vs. Sloth, acted out by T. J. Connor staff members. The Sloth may move slowly but slow and steady wins the race. 

Guest author Kevin Kurtz presented at an assembly and also worked with students in a writer’s workshop about writing a first draft and how to edit. Students are listening for Stop, Drop, and Read. An assembly with Young Audiences will be held at the end of the month. Thank you to the T. J. Connor Reading Incentive Committee for all their hard work: Linda Giroud, Pauline Emelson, Catie Abonado, Ann Bayer, Pam Merritt, Pauline Emelson, Kristen Hotaling, Kirsten Melville, and Maggie Spuhler. And thank you to Principal Murray, Nick Roche, and Cristy Smith for their work and support of the month-long event.