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Solo Festival 2021 Results

On Friday June 4, 2021, twenty-one Wheatland-Chili student musicians participated in Spring Solo Festival. This is where students perform scales or rudiments, a solo and sight-reading for a judge. Solos range in difficulty from level 1 to level 6, the highest level of difficulty.  


There are 5 ratings given to students at solo fest:


Outstanding- Distinguished level of accomplishment

Excellent- above average level of accomplishment

Good- average level of accomplishment

Needs Improvement- below average level of accomplishment

Comments only- no score just remarks from the adjudicator


All students who participated at solo fest this year at WC scored excellent or above! Please congratulate these students if you see them!


Scoring an Excellent (Above average level of accomplishment)

Trumpet level 1:  Isani Rattray

Trumpet level 1: Sawyer Galadja

Trumpet level 1: Meteo Brunner

Clarinet level 2: Constantine Valle

Clarinet level 2: Madison Pope

Trumpet level 3: Payton Pope


Scoring an Outstanding (Distinguished level of accomplishment)

Trombone level 1:  Luke Harper

Snare level 1: Noel Crowley

Snare level 1: John Lewis

Snare level 1: Griffin Hitchings-

Trumpet level 1: Freddie Woerner

Flute level 1: Olivia Wantke

French Horn level 2: Rebecca LaVair

Clarinet level 2: Jaeda Mekker

French Horn level 1:Danielle Dean

Trombone level 4: Katie Smith


Scoring a Perfect Score (28/28)

Trumpet level 1: John Hughes

Trumpet level 1: Addison Nelson

Snare level 1: Paige Vandervoort

Mallets level 1:  Jack Tassone

Clarinet level 4: Kira DeBruyne


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